Innovative Technical Solutions 
Engineering (QE) | Assurance (QA) | Control (QC) | Management (QM) | Staffing

“If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, then you better have time to do it again”

We partner with our clients to help them ensure the integrity of their quality program and the quality of their products

Pintek is a technical solutions provider. We offer a broad range of quality-related technical, consulting, and staffing services tailored to support you and your clients' needs. 

Whether you need quality control support for inspection & testing, you need quality assurance support to audit or provide surveillance & expediting for your suppliers, or you need quality management & consulting support to develop, maintain, and even oversee your quality systems and programs, Pintek can provide a solution. 

We can train and certify your quality staff, provide staff augmentation to help you respond to project or business demands, or recruit and vet quality candidates for direct placement. 

Pintek can also evaluate your current processes to identify ways for your company to eliminate waste & downtime and improve productivity & profit all while maintaining or even increasing the level of quality.  

We can analyze system failures or defects to determine direct cause, apparent cause, or root cause and provide suggested corrective & preventative actions. 

Pintek provides services across multiple sectors such as Oil & Gas, Petrochem, Aerospace, Power, Infrastructure, Mining, Manufacturing, Construction & Fabrication, and more.